About Me

Hello There,

Ironically, for a web developer, I believe in not leaving too much of an electronic footprint in the world. “Why have a personal website then?” would be a rational question. The reason is that my professional services site was getting cluttered with personal work and I wanted to separate the public from the private.

Chances are that you already know me if you’ve come to this site. If not, then you should know that:

  • I’m not a fan of morning conversation.
  • I’m bad at communicating with anyone who isn’t a client. This is repeatedly, but not yet violently, confirmed by my wife.
  • I like creating, but rarely finishing, works or art or music.
  • I blame much of curmudgeonliness on my Mid-Western, Scandinavian heritage but I’m really a Pollyanna underneath it all.
  • I’m way too fond of saying “I don’t care what my hair looks like because I never have to look at it.”
  • Much of the artwork included are older pieces created in my student days at the University of Minnesota. I’ll be adding newer pieces along the way.

I realize this is not much of an introduction but I can safely say all the items above are true.