Recent Work

Eric Pedersen - Cast Iron Camel

Cast Iron Camel

This cast iron Camel was a student-piece created at the University of Minnesota’s foundry. The pattern was created from wood wrapped in rope which gives the camel it’s textured surface. […]

Eric Pedersen - Reliquary Cast Bronze Sculpture


The Reliquary was a cast bronze piece developed during my school years at the University of Minnesota. The piece used the lost-wax method of creating the cast and the bronze […]

Eric Pedersen - Abstract Painting based on Shadows

Abstract Painting based on Shadow Patterns

This is an acrylic painting where the intersecting shapes are based on the shadows of objects falling on the canvas.

Eric Pedersen - Flower and Frame Still Life

Flowers Still Life

Still life of flowers and picture frame.

Eric Pedersen - Reader with Cat Painting

Reader with Cat

Abstracted person reading with a cat. Private collection

Eric Pedersen - Crazy Chickens #2 painting

Crazy Chickens 2

A second painting based on Mexican masks. This one is an allegory of an acquaintance that talked more than necessary…

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